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Video Inspection Equipment

At Gorlitz, we believe firmly that if you're a plumber or service technician, or involved in building maintenance or facility maintenance, video inspection equipment should be a powerful tool in your toolbox and the Ridgid SeeSnake is the best in its class. If you can't see the problem in the pipe, you more than likely can't properly diagnose what's wrong with the plumbing. Video inspection equipment makes that possible, and saves you valuable time and effort. It's that simple.

When a job demands video inspection, Gorlitz recommends Ridgid SeeSnakes for their high-performance, durable video inspection equipment that allow for an exact diagnosis of line problems in all types of industries. Whether it's a root-impacted or a collapsed line, the Ridgid SeeSnake unit identifies the problem and allows the operator to diagnose the correct solution. All SeeSnake video inspection equipment includes a power supply with integrated LED light intensity control and are available in 325' lengths, while the Mini SeeSnake video inspection equipment systems are available in 200' lengths.

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